“Women Who Inspire” is a collection of over 20 inspirational stories to fuel your soul’s deepest desires, authentic truth and divine purpose.

Price: $14.95


“Women Who Influence” is a collection of influence stories that will inspire your soul’s journey.

Price: $14.99


I am proud to be a contributor in this book. Thank you Alexa Bigwarfe.

As a mother who operates in a space of movements, politics, policy and Social Justice, I wanted to be part of something that could be a resource for other mothers and other parents. For those parents who are interested in teaching and sharing stories of resilience, hope and being civically engaged, this is the book for you.

Specifically for moms but not just for mothers, this book is about the importance of women using their voice and the importance of raising children who know how to use theirs.

The HOW can be as simple as making sandwiches as a group for your local homeless shelter – Maria Dismondy, to getting loudly involved in the political movement – Jennifer Rosen Heinz, to being resilient in this crazy world which is my chapter, to RISING UP as a loud voice for the injustice happening in your community – Bellamy Shoffner … and so many other important stories. With a powerful foreword by S Nadia Hussain.

Price: $11.99