H Code Media

H Code is the #1 digital Hispanic platform in the United States. Founded in 2015, they serve to connect leading brands with Hispanic audiences across the country using relatable storytelling, creative solutions, and high-quality datasets. According to Google DV 360, H Code has the highest reach of US Hispanics among top competitors.

DPBell & Associates was hired to help build from the ground up, a new vertical, and position the organization. DPBell & Associates have helped them create and launch a political business unit. The partnership has led them to being able to successfully define and nurture relationships that provided H Code Media with connections, access, and business from the Biden/Harris Presidential team, DCCC, and various campaigns for cities, states, and causes throughout the country.

One example of their many successful partnerships was their campaign to increase the Latinx community’s awareness of COVID and safe practices.

The COVID pandemic has transformed the lives, habits, preferences, and more of American consumers. During a time when so many people have had to remain apart, we’ve seen the importance of accessible digital technologies and platforms time and time again. Hispanics tend to be early adopters and often choose digital over traditional methods, meaning H Code was perfectly positioned to understand and influence their niche market.

When they partnered with the city of Los Angeles, DPBell & Associates and H Code were able to use their data, understanding, and influence to promote important information about COVID to the Hispanic community. They discussed important safety measures such as maintaining six feet of distance between individuals and washing your hands frequently. They were also able to stress the importance of getting tested for COVID and quarantining to prevent its spread.

Thanks to their partnership, they launched culturally appropriate messaging to the city’s Latin community. With advice and leadership from DPBell & Associates, the campaign used OTV, influencer partnerships, and digital partnerships to improve awareness. As a result, Mayor Eric Garcetti, publicly thanked H Code Media as a critical partner in his globally televised press conference. They were also able to help soothe the community’s COVID-related anxieties and increase the rate of testing.