The Passage of Breonna’s Law

On December 7, 2020, Governor Ralph Northam ceremonially signed “Breonna’s Law.” The law is in response to the death of Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police when they utilized a no-knock search warrant at her home in Louisville, Kentucky. Her death has inspired individuals and communities across the country to reevaluate unjust police practices, notably the “no-knock” warrants and advocate for crucial reforms. Her case has drawn attention from celebrities, athletes, and countless others leading to protests, works of art, and petitions to discontinue “no-knock” search warrants.

When Governor Northam signed Breonna’s Law, Virginia became the first state to ban no-knock search warrants in a response to Ms. Taylor’s death. The state is only the third in the country with such a ban.

DPBell & Associates was hired to assist, advise and develop a strategy to raise awareness and solicit feedback for this legislative priority that was spearheaded by the youngest delegate in the Virginia House of Delegates, Lashrecse Aird.  DPBell and Associates successfully crafted a plan to help get the bill passed and then upon public signature, coordinated a national press conference, between the offices of Delegate Aird, Governor Ralph Northam, the family of Breonna Taylor and Civil Rights Attorney and Advocate Benjamin Crump, to ensure that Breonna’s Law made history and was highlighted to the nation and the world.

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