The political world is indeed a harsh environment, and running for a political position can be extremely difficult. It takes a lot of brand management skills for marketing yourself in a way that win over the hearts of voters. To achieve the greatest amount of success, most politicians will hire a PR manager, such as Desiree Peterkin Bell, to help them run their campaign as effectively as possible. However, even will the help of a PR manager, there are many decisions that politicians will have to make on their own. In order to help guide you into making the correct decisions, here are five tips for managing a political campaign:

Seek out a PR Manager with a vast amount of real-world experience

The first step to achieving political success should be to seek out a PR manager with a vast amount of knowledge of the political landscape. When deciding on potential candidates for this position, you should thoroughly review their resume. Remember that political experience is not the same as management experience, and just because someone has worked with well known personalities does not mean they will be able to successfully manage your campaign. Someone like Desiree Peterkin Bell and her company DPBell & Associates would be an excellent choice as a PR manager

Don’t lose focus on the goal – winning the election

Winning the election should always be your main goal as a candidate. Do not get ahead of yourself and flaunt off your ego. It is essential that you remain humble and do not be petty. Slandering competition will not help your image and may jeopardise your goal of getting more votes than them. Even if you receive bad news, you must deal with the situation and keep moving forward; do not let it distract or deter you from your goal. Expect hardship but don’t let it hold you back.

Understand that people have different views and not everyone will like you

People will always have different moral ideals and political perspectives to yourself. This is not something that you should be angry about. Even the most beloved politicians will have opposition. Your job isn’t to persuade everyone that you are the correct person for the role, just the majority of the voters.

Treat your supporters with respect

You mustn’t be rude to those who do not agree with you, not matter what they say or do. Often times they may be trying to bait you into doing or saying something that can be used to defame you. If people respect you as a person, they may take the effort to try better understand your point of view, winning you more votes in the long run.


It is very tough to succeed in a political career, however these tips can hopefully help guide you in the right direction. While it is important to be have the correct mindset and a basic idea of how to properly interact with the public and competition, brand management and PR decisions should be advised by a professional such as Desiree Peterkin Bell. To find out more about Desiree and the services of DPBell & Associates