Working in public affairs can be demanding and requires many different skills to succeed.  Public affairs are generally used by large companies, charities, trade unions, membership organisations and interest groups. The main goal of a PR Manager is to build and develop relationships with organisations, politicians, governments and other relevant people or entities. However, this type of lobbying is not the only role of someone working in public affairs. In fact, working in public affairs comes with a very broad job description, which can include other tasks such as research, strategy planning and offering advice.

Communication Skills

Communication is an essential skill for anyone working in public affairs to possess. The cornerstone of good communication is having confidence when speaking, but being quiet and responsive when listening. It is important that a PR worker is able to explain complex concepts in ways that are simple and concise. A PR manager should also be cautious of cultural nuances in order to be respectful when communicating with people from different places. Most importantly, those working in public affairs must be patient and appreciative of other people’s priorities and pressures.

Research Skills

Another key aspect of public relations is research. A PR manager must do thorough research so that they are able to communicate accurately with clients. They should also be able to keep track of current events in the respective industry and be knowledgeable of their clients. Without the proper research skills, a PR worker cannot gain the relevant information in which to apply their experience and public relation skills, which will subsequently devalue their service.

Writing Skills

The ability to write engaging content is another key skill in public relations. A common theme among great writers is their grasp of grammar and writing experience, which differentiates them from others. Attention to detail is also important so that there are minimal grammatical and spelling mistakes, as these types of mistakes can devalue good work.


Public relations allows for a lot of creative freedom. PR workers must come up with creative ways of writing, and must also develop creative ways of promoting a business and approaching potential clients. Fresh ideas and lateral thinking are crucial to success in public affairs.


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