In order to best plan for the future of the Public Relations industry, it is best to look at the evolution of public relations over the decades to understand how the dynamics of public affairs strategy and public affairs firms have changed. This understanding will allow us to abstract the history of the PR industry, and possibly choose a path of action that moves the industry in the correct direction.

As opposed to three decades ago, public relations has transitioned from its original focus on communications and towards becoming more integrated, with a focus on a variety of other theories such as economics and behavioral psychology. Originally, PR became the centre of the business around which all other operations would take place. Without thinking of each action beforehand and the impact it may have on stakeholders of the business, mistakes are likely to be made.

Nowadays, there has been a change in climate within the PR industry, with many major firms viewing PR not as a singular ideology/operation to be carried out, but rather as a supporting mechanism for advertising and otherwise promoting a business. As a result, these major firms have since remodeled themselves. However, this change leaves opportunities for independent PR firms to take over and prove that PR is not just a series of steps that should be followed to achieve success, but rather an approach to effectively managing a business in a way that is most beneficial to each stakeholder, and should therefore be treated as such.

Desiree Peterkin Bell is the CEO of boutique public affairs firm, DPBell & Associates, an independent public affairs firm that is reestablishing the significance of public relations as an approach to successful communications and operations within a business through effective public affairs strategy. To find out more about Desiree Peterkin Bell and the services provided by her boutique public affairs firm, visit her website.