In Part 1, we spoke about some of the tasks that public affairs practitioners, such as Desiree Peterkin Bell, are required to perform. However, there are many other activities that someone working in public affairs will still need to undertake in order to successfully manage the public affairs of their clients.

Organising and attending events:
Working in public affairs will require the organisation of many events, to allow for opportunities to meet with stakeholders and bring relevant issues to their attention. Not only will a practitioner need to organise events, but they must also attend any relevant political event, including parliamentary committee meetings, party conferences, related seminars, etc.

Providing information to stakeholders: 
When conveying information to stakeholders, public affairs practitioners must be concise, efficient and honest. Information can be provided in a variety of ways such as submissions to government consultations, answering letters, writing internal and external briefing papers, producing leaflets and newspapers, or holding one-on-one meetings.

Political marketing: 
With the government as a huge player in many markets, many businesses may choose to hire a public affairs firm to promote them in an attempt to procure the government as a customer. The previous experience of many public affairs practitioners in the political world is invaluable in dealing with, and persuading government bureaucrats.

Networking and Contacts: 
It is important for public affairs practitioners to build up a large network of contacts. They should have confidence to approach new people and make their acquaintance, a skill that can be learned by anyone. Building up a network of contacts is essential as it is possible to carry personal and professional contacts from one job to another. As a result, the process of managing public affairs becomes far easier, as these contacts will be useful for aiding different clients in the future.

In order to succeed, public affairs firms really depend on the real world political experience of their employees. A public affairs company must have a strong and hardworking team that is ready to tackle any situation that a client may need help with. With the boutique public affairs firm, DPBell & Associates, joining the market, it is possible to find a quality service that is backed up by Desiree Peterkin Bell’s many years of political experience. To find out more about the services provided by public affairs company, DPBell & Associates, visit Desiree’s website.