Managing a campaign can seem like an impossible task, even to professionals with years of experience at a public affairs company. However, if you are going to succeed, your first step must be to figure out where to start. Organising the campaign will become much easier is you break it down into various segments, which can each be tackled one at a time with the appropriate public affairs strategy. Here are the first 3 steps you should take to break up the project and get your feet off the ground:

1: Write a Press Release
If you want the public and your target audience to find out about the campaign, you are going to want to write a press release. In order to do this successfully, you must dig up significant information that will be relevant to share to the media. It is important that press releases are well timed and don’t release too much information at once. This will prevent the media from being overwhelmed with information. Each press release should be noteworthy, and should only really be done when there is significant news to share with the public. Furthermore, it is essential that you have the correct knowledge and skills of how to write a press release, so that the information released to the press comes across as professional and informative, as opposed to seeming like an advertisement for your business.

2. Create a Powerful Press Kit
The next step is the press kit, sometimes called the media kit. This is a package of promotional material provided to members of the press to brief them, especially about a product, service, or candidate. When running a PR campaign, this can be an invaluable tool for promoting your company if done well, as it will differentiate you from competitors. It is essential to get the information out to the media in a way that catches their attention.

3. Work In Partnership With the Media
It is important to understand that the media is not just a tool to be used for announcements, and they have no obligation to give your business any coverage. The best way to get them to talk about your business, is for your business to do something newsworthy. Make sure that when you work with the media, you are both accommodating and friendly, not pushy or demanding. It should be your goal to develop a long-lasting relationship with the media that will allow you to gain industry contacts, and create long lasting partnerships that can be used to benefit both parties.

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