It can be an extremely daunting task to manage a PR campaign. Even for experienced employees of public affairs firms, tackling a campaign head-on can be difficult. For any chance of gaining success with your campaign, the tasks must be broken up and completed using an appropriate public affairs strategy. Here are the final 2 steps that you should take to break up the project and get your feet off the ground:

4. Organize Media Events

While press releases are a great tool for informing the media of where the business is heading, it is foolish to be dependant on them as the only method of gaining publicity. In order to gain free media attention through other means, businesses will often organise media events. These events must be creative in order to stand out and encourage the media to cover the event as a news story. It is not the obligation of the media to show up just because you are having a news conference.

A creative way to differentiate your media event from others could include getting a celebrity or local figure to speak at the event. Doing so both attracts more people to the event making it more likely to get media coverage, whilst also promoting the brand image to potential customers, as the celebrity acts as an opinion leader through their endorsement of the brand/business.

5. Learn Crisis Management

It is essential to be prepared for everything when managing a PR campaign. Public affairs firms must be equipped with the appropriate public affairs strategy for crisis management if the wish to offer a successful public relations service.

From product recalls and lawsuits to even employee deaths on the job, if you have no strategy to deal with the crisis, the business and its reputation will suffer greatly, and your PR campaign would have failed. It is impossible to predict everything that will happen, but  if you remain switched on, you can quickly extinguish these fires, or even turn a negative into a positive. Be smart, think ahead, and get ready to turn your PR campaign into a success story.

Desiree Peterkin Bell is the founder and CEO of the boutique public affairs firm, DPBell & Associates. As an experienced politician, Desiree is adept at public relations management and is the perfect choice for managing your business’s next successful campaign. To find out more about Desiree and her public relations service, visit her website.